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Miron Hunt - California Fauvist


Miron Hunt a painter and architect also, expanded his imagination beyond "architecture for itself" with the use of innovative and highly chromatic combination of coloring landscapes and interiors.

He received particularly wide praise for a series of monumental murals done of murano ceramics and executed in a unique modern style using an ancient Byzantine technique. He paints today in California and France.

While in Southern California, France or Italy, he is fascinated by light and vibrant colors that are intensely

evident in his landscapes. In his paintings which were exposed in many exhibitions in United States and France (Paris, Britany,etc), he paints an jubilant, optimistic art which incorporate strong, bright colors into fluid compositions that seem to float in a see of light.

Miron Hunt has created a colored world, uniquely expressive, revolutionizing art for which he has

a temperamental inclination and so overwhelming as to its expressive force. His paintings which he has 

make up gradually, drawings, composition of painting, form, and color are mingled in a amazing synthesis.


Above all, his color captures the eye and holds the viewer entranced in their brilliance.

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